Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ottawa Peace Festival 2015 Invitation

Dear Friends,

We invite you to participate in the NINTH Annual Ottawa Peace Festival.

The Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Department of Peace Initiative (now the Canadian Peace Initiative), along with other local civil society groups, will coordinate a program of peace events between September 21 and October 2, which marks the United Nations International Days of Peace and Nonviolence.

With the experience of the past eight years behind us, the Festival is expected to bring together about two dozen groups, all wanting to build peace, harmony and unity. This year’s festival, like 2014, will include special events and activities that promote the awareness of the culture of peace in the minds of the public and civic leaders. The program's goal is to have at least one peace activity every day during the festival period, which we have more than surpassed in the past. Previous years' events have included art exhibitions, films, music concerts, panels and lectures, peace walks, proclamations, climatefast, and a Friends for Peace Day.

Admission has to be free to all events (though donations may be accepted by event organizers). Responsibility for funding and putting together of individual events as in previous festivals rests solely with the organization/individual involved.
  • Vision — To promote Peace, Unity, and Harmony
  • Aims — Raise awareness of a nonviolent culture of peace; Enhance the public and political profile of peace; and improve networking and awareness of nonviolent peace organizations.
  • Theme — We have received the following suggestions for the theme of this year's festival
                 — "Peace instead of Violence against Women and Children"
                 "Canada: a Nation of Peace?"
Please circle the September 21 to October 2 period on your calendar, and let us know soon if you will be able to join us in this year's celebration. Further, could you inform us ASAP about the dates/activities/events that you are planning during the period? Please feel free to tell your friends/groups interested in holding a peace event. To encourage co-operation, cross-fertilization and work sharing, you may wish to consider organizing your event jointly with other groups.

Your participation in the festival will be very welcome.

For information on last year's festival and its varied events (as well as previous festivals), see posts below.

Looking forward to your early reply.

In Unity for Peace,

Bill Bhaneja and Peter Stockdale
Convenors, Ottawa Peace Festival
Canadian Peace Initiative, Ottawa Chapter
(613) 244-1979 and (613) 852-4527

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